Why we cook our legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas) instead of buying canned?

  1. More efficiency – you can cook half a kilo of dry beans at one go and you will end up with about 1 kg of cooked beans. Use as much as you need now, the rest toss in the freezer for next time. This is much more efficient than opening a can and using just about 250 gr of cooked beans.
  2. Less money wasted – money savings and efficiency go hand in hand. Dry beans are cheaper and it just takes a bit of pre-work to get a lot healthier.
  3. Less unnecessary ingredients – the canned beans usually contain excessive amounts of salt, sugar and maybe some other ingredients  we don’t know about. When you cook the beans yourself, you know very well what you are putting in – just beans and water usually.
  4. Less waste – what do we do with the can after we eat the beans? Straight to the bin it goes… With home cooked beans the waste is significantly less, especially if you buy large quantities. Even more bonus points for the ones buying in bulk bringing their own container.
  5. More health – sometimes it says “No BPA” on the tin but sometimes it doesn’t. Even if you are not very familiar with BPA, the boiled down summary is that it often is contained in the inner coating of the cans in order to preserve the food for longer and it is detrimental for your health.