Reflection and Checking in with Our Priorities (Your Finances under Your Control)

Let’s take a moment to pat ourselves on the back for being so diligent and following through with the observation of our spending habits. Having a one month database is a great start, I would personally recommend a 6 month long observation in order to mitigate the risk of one-time-offs (e.g. buying an expensive suit for wedding you need to attend) and seasonality (e.g. ski equipment rent) affecting our analysis. Continue reading

Getting Started (Your Finances under Your Control)

Before we start with the practicality of our approach to Financial Optimisation, we should take a moment and find what motivates our change of mindset. Some of us might have a pretty specific idea, maybe you wish to:

  • Save for your upcoming wedding
  • Go on a 40 day pilgrimage on Camino de Santiago
  • Leave your corporate job and become a fitness instructor
  • Renovate your kitchen
  • Take a part-time job to spend more time with your family

Continue reading

Your Finances under Your Control

Several years ago a colleague of mine would answer my regular question “How is it going?” with “Everything is under control. Maybe not under mine, but certainly under someone’s control”. Beside being a witty comeback, there is a lot of wisdom in these words. Quite often we delegate the control over different aspects of our lives and instead start living on autopilot. Society, family, colleagues or even marketers take decisions for us without us even realizing it. How about we take back this control and switch off the autopilot by introducing mindfulness and analysis? Let’s start with a topic, important to all of us – our personal finances. Keep reading

About Financial Freedom and Flexibility

The interest in the FIRE community (Financial Independence and Early Retirement) is growing throughout the globe. Some people are Early Retirement Extreme followers, others are Mustachians and there are those who aspire to retire in their 30s and travel the world. But what is Financial Independence in the first place and what is our take on the topic? Keep reading

From consumer to creator – Should we change our mindset?

I often receive questions like: “But why would you want to make that when you can go out and buy one for so cheap nowadays”. Although I do not particularly disagree that there is a huge variety of pretty things we can buy affordably and conveniently from the mall nearby or from the comfort of our homes, there is still this amazing feeling of fulfillment when the said thing comes straight from your imagination with the help of your two hands and maybe some tools. Keep reading