Getting Started (Your Finances under Your Control)

Before we start with the practicality of our approach to Financial Optimisation, we should take a moment and find what motivates our change of mindset. Some of us might have a pretty specific idea, maybe you wish to:

  • Save for your upcoming wedding
  • Go on a 40 day pilgrimage on Camino de Santiago
  • Leave your corporate job and become a fitness instructor
  • Renovate your kitchen
  • Take a part-time job to spend more time with your family

There is no right and wrong answer here. You need to find out what motivates you personally, this way your commitment to the process will be stronger and the change more sustainable.

But I have no real motivation… Just want to see what it is all about

That’s great too! Curiosity is an amazing motivator itself, it has led to multiple inventions, discoveries and experiments, like that time when Elon Musk tried living off a dollar a day, just so he could feel confident to launch his own business. Try optimizing your finances yourself and see where the journey takes you, along the way you might find new motivations and your vision might crystalise.

Why did we start optimizing our finances?

I happen to love analytics and more particularly analyzing numbers. In my spare time I would run different calculations on return of investment or what-if analysis, budgeting, forecasts and basically anything that involves our personal finances. I feel some intrinsic satisfaction after I complete such an analysis and would often share my findings with my husband. I should be eternally grateful for having found a partner who does not find it weird and even supports me in my hobby.

I think Mr. DNB got hooked when he saw the savings piling up and the opportunities this opened for us. Once both of us started looking logically, analytically and non-judgmentally at our finances, we lined up our priorities together and now we are an amazing team, working hard on achieving them. Together we are on our way to pay our mortgage in just 2 years, while we had 2 weddings (different locations, same groom and bride), welcomed our baby girl, managed to travel around Europe, even went to Canada, and have been building our lives around our beautiful family. The latest advantage of our efficient handling of finances is that I am able to prolong my maternity leave and take care of Danubaby myself instead of rushing back to work. We love the freedom and opportunities going along with optimal finances.

Why are we doing this series?

Our goal is to help you break the cycle of mindless spending and get to a place of financial contentment. We certainly are not perfect in this regard but we have spent years looking for ways to lead a happy life efficiently, that is by limiting the resources spent without compromising our quality of life. We would love to share our findings with you and are eager to learn some more along the way. The more mindful and in control we are, the more free and full of opportunities our lives become. It is a pretty liberating feeling and everybody deserves to experience it.

Links to the posts of the series

0. Getting Started

1. Observation and Filling in our Database

2. Reflection and Checking in with Our Priorities

Let’s dive in together!


Mrs. DNB

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