Your Finances under Your Control

Several years ago a colleague of mine would answer my regular question “How is it going?” with “Everything is under control. Maybe not under mine, but certainly under someone’s control”. Beside being a witty comeback, there is a lot of wisdom in these words. Quite often we delegate the control over different aspects of our lives and instead start living on autopilot. Society, family, colleagues or even marketers take decisions for us without us even realizing it. How about we take back this control and switch off the autopilot by introducing mindfulness and analysis? Let’s start with a topic, important to all of us – our personal finances.

Too much month at the end of the money

You know that feeling when you receive your paycheck, you turn around and then some magic happens and in no time the money is gone? Well, sorry to break it down to you but usually no magic is at play here. It is just you and your not-so-mindful spending habits playing against your savings ambitions. Even though that might not be much consolation, you should know you are not alone!

Or maybe you are naturally frugal and do not have money issues?

Good for you, naturally frugal people have the advantage of keeping their expenses on the down side without much effort. In fact, Mr. DNB is one of these people and managed to afford extensive travelling precisely due to his frugal nature. However, we have come to realise that even in this case there are multiple opportunities for optimisation, which will allow a better grip on the wheel of your personal finances.

Series of posts „Your Finances under Your Control“

This is precisely why we are introducing our series „Your Finances under Your Control“, which is here to help you get back to the driving seat and steer the wheel of your finances in the desired direction. What you can expect from the series:

  • Kind and gentle approach and suggestions to introduce a new financial mindset
  • Judgement free zone
  • Mindful observation of your spending habits
  • Easy to follow step-by-step guide to analyse your finances
  • Practical tips and tricks to optimise your spending one category at a time
  • Exercises and templates you can use in the long run to set your financial goals and track your progress

Why are we doing this series?

Our goal is to help you break the cycle of mindless spending and get to a place of financial contentment. We certainly are not perfect in this regard but we have spent years looking for ways to lead a happy life efficiently, that is by limiting the resources spent without compromising our quality of life. We would love to share our findings with you and are eager to learn some more along the way. The more mindful and in control we are, the more free and full of opportunities our lives become. It is a pretty liberating feeling and everybody deserves to experience it.

Links to the posts of the series

0. Getting Started

1. Observation and Filling in our Database

2. Reflection and Checking in with Our Priorities

Join us in and let’s enjoy the journey together!


Mrs. DNB

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