Here’s how we spend just 3 EUR for diapers per month

3 (as in three) Euros is all we spend per month for diapers and the reason for this is that we use cloth diapers throughout the day and just one disposable diaper overnight.

cloth diapers

This is our cloth diaper stash:

  • 12 all-in-one pockets
  • 24 bamboo inserts (pretty absorbent I must say)
  • 12 liners

We bought our cloth diapers from Amazon before Danubaby was born and the great thing about them is that they are a one-size-fits-all type. This means that with the help of some buttons on the pockets you are able to change the size of the diaper to fit your baby. We have been using them since she was a newborn and have been quite pleased with the results.

Initial investment in cloth diapers

So, we paid a bit shy of 100 EUR for our 12 diapers and 24 bamboo inserts. Considering that Danubaby will be using them for around 2.5 years, the cost per month is about 3 EUR. However, usually the cloth diapers can last for 2 or 3 babies, so if we decide to have one more, the diaper question will be solved for us. Or there is always the option to sell the diapers and cover for some of the initial cost.

Are 12 diapers enough?

For us they are. We change the cloth diapers every three hours -> at 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm and 4 pm and we wash the dirty diapers every 3 days. We have the washing machine do the magic in the evening and by the next morning we have our diaper stash ready for new adventures.

What happens from 4 pm to 7 am?

At 4 pm we put the last cloth diaper for the day, which last until 7 pm. Then we put on a disposable diaper and it lasts until next morning. And this is where the 3 EUR monthly cost comes from -> We buy 56 diapers for 5.55 EUR, so that is 10 cents per diaper. We use 30 in a month – so 3 EUR spent.

About cleaning the cloth diapers

Some moms decide to use a disposable lining in the diaper, which gets thrown away after each use and thus the diaper is not too dirty.

However, this does not work well with our view on waste reduction, so I found on Pinterest how to make my own liners (I made them from fleece, which we bought from Ikea for 2 EUR) and they have been working pretty well. After using the diaper, we pre-wash the liner so that there are no solids in the washing machine.

After you decide whether and what kind of liners you would like to use, you have to think about the storage of the dirty cloth diapers. There are generally two ways to store dirty cloth diapers:

  • Dry – you collect all dirty diapers in a bag and then toss them in the washing machine with all other baby clothes which need to be washed
  • Wet – you collect the dirty diapers in a bucket with water and some vinegar/detergent and when the last one has been used, off they go to the washing machine.

The great thing about cloth diapers is that the inside is made out of soft materials and there are no harsh chemicals which can irritate the soft baby skin. So far we have had no red bottoms and I consider that a huge success.

How about the additional costs related to washing and drying the cloth diapers

As mentioned earlier, we wash the diapers every three days with the rest of Danubaby’s clothes. We would have used the washing machine for her clothes with or without the diapers inside, so we do not consider this as an additional cost. Furthermore, we put the washed baby clothes and diapers on a drying rack and use no electricity for drying the clothes. In the morning we spend around 10 minutes assembling the pockets, inserts and liners and putting them in a drawer. This routine has been working very well in our family.

A Win-Win situation

Overall, we are quite happy with our decision to use cloth diapers. We have decreased the waste produced by disposable diapers, meanwhile we have used a more ecological option which also cares for our baby’s skin. And we have already saved quite a bit of money. Hurray!

What is your view on cloth diapers?


Mrs. DNB

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