From consumer to creator – Should we change our mindset?

I often receive questions like: “But why would you want to make that when you can go out and buy one for so cheap nowadays”. Although I do not particularly disagree that there is a huge variety of pretty things we can buy affordably and conveniently from the mall nearby or from the comfort of our homes, there is still this amazing feeling of fulfillment when the said thing comes straight from your imagination with the help of your two hands and maybe some tools.

It is somewhat funny that when we realize we want something, more often than not our first instinct is to reach for our wallet. We have outsourced our cooking to the restaurants, wedding organizing to agencies; you can even pay someone to walk out your dog. We do all this to save time, time that we gladly spend watching TV, read a magazine (usually containing more ads than content) or just browsing our Facebook feed. This in turn opens new wants, just like when your classmate from high school shares that they bought a brand new you-name-it and you immediately feel you have to have one too.

How about we take a step back and we invest our time into making the thing – sewing, cooking, crafting or whatever other skill it might require. Of course this does not apply to everything, but you will be surprised in how many situations it might actually work.

You see, I am not the most handy-dandy person you know, not even close. Nevertheless, I love it when I create something and despite my rather limited skills I put the efforts. The results are usually pretty good or at least good enough. For example, yesterday I noticed that Danubaby had no spring hat, so when we returned home from our walk, I opened up Pinterest and found tens of tutorials how to sew one myself.

But wait a moment, I do not even own a sewing machine…

Danubaby's hat

Danubaby’s hat

Guess what? 30 minutes later I had a hand-sewed hat, which turned out just great. Does it look like the ones I can buy from the shop? No, it does not and I would be foolish to have expected it in the first place. The important thing is, the hat fits perfectly our baby, it is great for the current weather and is created by me! I smile every time I put the hat on Danubaby’s head, because she is actually using something that I made for her.

This example might be completely inapplicable to your situation and I certainly get that. However, what we are talking about here is the idea behind it and the concept of mindless consumerism as opposed to mindful creating. You might find out that you do not need to go out and spend 50 EUR for a sushi dinner with your significant other, when you can have a Japanese inspired night at home, cook something similar yourself, save half the money and be twice as happy. All this while spending quality time together and creating an experience. Even if something goes slightly wrong, this will contribute even more to the unforgetfulness of the evening. It is a win-win situation from all aspects.

Let me share one more of our stories – last weekend Mr. DNB was changing the car tires, while Danubaby and I were there to cheer for him every time a tire went up or down. Yes, it would have cost about 20 EUR  to have someone else do the work, but by doing it himself Mr. DNB managed to get a nice workout, while sharing a sweet experience with the two ladies in his life. A great memory was created and no money was spent.

If you are on the lookout, you will certainly find multiple opportunities to create/do instead of buy. The benefits of switching the mindsets would be sizeable – acquisition of new skills, greater satisfaction, often higher quality and saved money.  You can later spend the money on something you cannot do. Isn’t it how it is supposed to be?


Mrs. DNB

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