How to make reusable nursing pads?

BreastpadsI have already added a short post on why the reusable nursing pads are essential for breastfeeding moms, here I will describe the process on how to make them.

More sustainability, hygiene and comfort

Less waste, plastic, money spent, inconvenience and unneeded bacteria

What we need for 6 sets (12 pads):

  • 2 sq. m Cotton fabric
  • 2 sq. m Towel (could be an older one laying around)
  • 2 sq. m Microfiber (I used a regular microfiber cleaning rag from Kaufland)
  • 2 sq. m Fleece (I used this fleece blanket from Ikea)
  • Needle, thread and scissors

The size that works best for me is a circle with 10 cm in diameter (I used the lid of a shea butter jar for template, but you can just draw on paper a 10cm diameter circle and use that one instead).

  1. Draw 12 circles on each of the four fabrics.
  2. Cut the circles.
  3. Put them in the following order – cotton, towel, microfiber and fleece (the cotton touches the breast and the fleece is toward the bra).
  4. Sew the fabrics together to receive 12 pads and you are ready to go.

Maintenance: when the pads feel wet, just replace them with a new pair and put the wet ones with your next load in the washing machine. Then iron them and you can reuse the pads right afterwards.

Good luck!


Mrs. DNB

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