Why do I use reusable nursing pads?

  1. More comfort – the reusable pads are made of soft materials which feel great on the breasts, something moms need especially in the first couple of days/weeks of breastfeeding when the nipples are extra sensitive.
  2. Less waste – the disposable pads are made of plastic but are not recyclable, meaning they will pile up and add to the already huge amount of waste we are creating. This just does not resonate well with me.
  3. More hygiene – the reusable pads can be washed, ironed and kept pretty fresh and clean.
  4. Less unwanted bacteria – the disposable pads retain a very moist environment due to the plastic lining and this contributes to the flourishing of bacteria, in the worst case scenario this might lead to yeast infections. I do not need this anywhere near my baby.
  5. More personal touch – as with anything you make yourself, you have the freedom to play with textures, sizes and to make the pads really your own.
  6. Less inconvenience – a mom goes through a package of disposable pads quite quickly, so this leads to additional trips to the store, which may or may not be what a mom who just gave birth is willing to do. Explaining to Dad what he should buy from the store is a challenge on its own.
  7. Less wasted money – the disposable pads do not come free of charge (neither do the reusable ones for that matter), however, it certainly would cost more to buy disposables for 2-3 months as compared to finding some fabrics (which we might already have­ laying around) and sewing them into reusable pads.


Mrs. DNB

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